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Announcement Server updates
Hi guys
Thought I'd let you all in on something I've set up last night and this morning. Every day at 4am GMT the server will restart and check to see if there are any game updates or mod updates and install them and then come back up.

Last night with a largish mod update it took around 35 minutes to be back online.

So this should now hopefully mean no more down time for the server. I'm just working on server back ups at the moment to compliment this system so that we should have full cover at all times in future. If worst comes to worst I'll have offsite backups of the server again covering a 5 day period.

Also whilst I'm writing this, I've seen the new feature listed for cross ark travel on the updates for this month, if this works as I'm hoping it will I'll be putting up different servers for different maps n such so we can all travel between. For this though I'll be standardising mods but settings and maps will differ. That way I can at least keep updates to a minimum by copying files from the most recently updated server.

As ever any suggestions for the server let me know on the forums or on steam and we'll put it to the vote if no one apposes we'll get it actioned.

Enjoy guys and hopefully see people around soon.

Coldblood (Dade)
Hi guys
I'm wondering how many people are using the server on a regular basis? And out of those people how many are willing to help out be it as admins for the server and helping with updates and backups and such. And also how many are willing to help financially as currently I'm the one doing it all. I'll admit lately I've been VERY hands off due to a new job and such.

I'd like to keep this place and the server going along with the ts3 server but I'm not prepared to be the only one doing any of it.

If people are willing to start helping out with it financially and/or responsibility wise I'll happily continue to run it.

I'm about to renew for another month of the dedi box which is only around £35 but i'm now paying for what is possibly the 4th month without any real touching of it just for others benefits.

Okay sorry about all of the down time guys. New job meant I couldn't be around and then no one else bothered to get it up and running again so here we go with another set up to see if we can get this popular.

It's the same IP as before so just search for TheTeam.Party and we should show right up.

Its running The Center with the following Mods

626642159 - Dino Racing
536214294 - Corrected Structures || Engrams to replace vanilla || No Collision
676288311 - Starter Kit (Set up for Metal kit)
646366838 - Monkey Maze
618916953 - Cute Hair
519998112 - Small Dragons
489596581 - Gate Mod

Any other Mods you want to see on here or any removed reply to this thread and we can start a discussion to get this how people want it.

Settings are the same as the old Valhalla one but I'll elaborate on that in another post once I've checked its all working fine.

Server will be live again from around 01/06/2016 @ 22:00
Hi Guys
I've been offline alot lately and that may well continue so the ark server slipped into nothingness for a while. I'm updating it and getting it online today if I can (may need some mod updates doing tonight though) but I need everyones feed back really on if this is still wanted.

If no one is gonna use it its pointless me paying out the money each month and doing the work I've always done on it until recently.

I'm also very tempted if everyone is ok with it to move to using the center map instead of valhalla as its listed as completed. Although I'll take everyones opinions on that once we are up and running again.

Please reply to this thread or pm me on steam guys
Hey all, ok so we are going to run another Purge, this time as a one day event, with the usual rollback at the end. So far the feedback i have gotten was positive, but i need to settle on a date that suits the majority, so please respond below so that i can make an official announcement.

Dates of choice are ;

Friday 8th
Sunday 10th
Monday 11th

Friday 15th
Sunday 17th
Monday 18th

Event will begin at 12am and finish at 12am the follow night.
20.03.16 Full day event Join in at anytime.

treasure event.jpg
What to Expect: Discover the secrets of the valhalla map and appease the Gods to unlock the secret tombs and treasure troves of the land. Follow the clues and hope there be gold at the end.
What to bring: Yourself, your tribe, your team or a buddy. Rafts and or scuba gear strongly suggested :D
What you get: Unlock each clue to get closer to the winning trove, a chest full of delights for all of your tribe to enjoy.
There can be only one victor.
What to Expect: Stranded on an island in the sky in a game of kill or be killed. What will you do to survive until the end?

What to bring: Yourself, your tribe, your team or a buddy, Whether you'll stay true to each other till end is another matter entirely. All required gear will be provided.
What you get: There can be only one victor and therefore only one prize pack for this event. Your choices are as follows:

1. A dino of your choice at lvl 120
2. Eno as your building slave for 2 full days.

The victor will also be presented with a 'survival of the fittest' gold trophy to display in their home.
EVENT The Culling
14. 03 . 16 There can be only one victor.
EVENT Maze Trials
Friday 4th March Valhalla will host its First MAZE Trials Event. Start time 7.30pm!!
maze trial.jpg

What to Expect: A enclosed space full of trials that will test all your skills as a survivor.

What to bring: Yourself, your tribe, your team or a buddy, All required gear will be provided prior to maze gate opening at 7.30pm so be there a bit before to get geared up :D

What you get: Prizes will vary depending on arrival at the end of the maze. to be confirmed a later date. But they will be worth the trauma :D Oh and boasting rights of course, many go in but few survive.
Announcement Events
Check this thread for any upcoming community events taking place on the server!