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I will try and keep this updated regularly of what the amazing creators of our map have planned.
Excited Kangaroo [author] 19 hours ago
This is the first area we are going to do landscape work on.https://gyazo.com/f09b329b451515041b49e131174f5213
Please let your friends know not to build there and to move existing buildings. I will post again later for a reminder.
ETA for this change is about 2-3 weeks
Hi Guys
As many of you know after countless problems with Vilayer hosting and their lack of support when things out of our control were effecting the server availability we decided to move hosts. We settled upon getting a dedicated server as it allows us a bit more flexibility.

Currently we have our replacement Ark server hosted on there. It's ip is and you can find a Direct join link in the forum and also the banner to the right in the forum pages has been updated to show the correct server. The server data has been lost but contact an admin and we can sort out any issues

I'll add a new page to the site over the next few days covering the server details including which mods are installed on it.

Thanks to Peds & Slick from FFS we also currently have an external server running The Island and a couple of mods too, I plan on moving this over to the dedi box purely so we can better utilise donations and our own funds that go towards all of this.

I'll also be migrating over our Teamspeak server in the coming days/week.

Also recommendations towards other servers to run for the community to utilise are welcome.

Also for server information on whos online at the time check out http://stats.theteam.party I'm hoping to expand on this and get some more information showing up from my rcon set up.
Hi guys,
I'm sorry about all of this. Had some issues with an update and it revealed a bigger issue in that all the backups were completely fucked. We've taken this opportunity to move to Valhalla and we've also added the Advanced Architecture Mod too.

Anyone who was previously on the server, please contact myself, Eno or Solice and we will up your XP to allow you to get to your level again and we will also give you a restarter pack and help you find a new location on the map. This will also include replacement dinosaurs for what was lost.

If you have any other requests please let us know.
So I've been doing some testing with biomes for different islands / areas on the map. Got a small low quality video to show the temperature and lighting changing slightly in desert and same in the tundra too

Working on heat waves for when deep in desert too but not sure what sort of toll that will take on CPU/GPU of the client so need to test that.

Will do a better video once I've got a bit more sorted in terms of details for the areas n specifics.

I'll obviously add things to this thread constantly and allow people to vote on what they want to see on it.

Open top sea cave
Sprawling cave system
Desert area with Oasises



So far my ideas are a bigger more diverse landscape, spanning several islands.

Allowing us to spread out the creature spawns and the biomes a bit more.

We are looking at giving different experiences dependant upon which island you set yourself upon. Ranging from the temperature, landscape and creatures in the area.

I'm hoping to get feedback from the community on things people would love to see. I'll be posting all progress on it all including my sketches when i'm happy with them, reference images and screenshots from the editor and game.

If you have any opinions please reply to her and I'll add it to the map features thread for voting.
Hi guys,
I've been working on a new map for Ark. I'd like peoples inputs on ideas for it as I'd eventually love to get it on our server. Give us all something we helped build.

Will start posting my inspiration for the map aswell as some screenshots for it all so you can have a looksie and let me know what you all think of it.
Hi Guys
Man hunt as you know involves us all meeting at a pre-defined location and being equiped and a runner chosen to evade the hunters. We will give them from 5pm game til til 7am. I think that gives them a good chunk of time to stay hidden or escape.

No one involved in the game can leave the island or use mounts. There will be wild dinosaurs on the island aswell as several abandoned bases which have access for runner and hunters to get into. Hunters should only attack the runner and not each other. Obviously accidental damage can be done when shooting at the hunter or mistakes are made.

Now for the important bit reply to this with your availibility. I've currently set it for Saturday night but need to check my availability too first.