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And We're Back

Discussion in 'Annoucements' started by Coldblood, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. Coldblood

    Coldblood CS:Source ARK: Survival Evolved Rainbow Six: Siege

    ARK Name:
    Ark Tribe:
    Okay sorry about all of the down time guys. New job meant I couldn't be around and then no one else bothered to get it up and running again so here we go with another set up to see if we can get this popular.

    It's the same IP as before so just search for TheTeam.Party and we should show right up.

    Its running The Center with the following Mods

    626642159 - Dino Racing
    536214294 - Corrected Structures || Engrams to replace vanilla || No Collision
    676288311 - Starter Kit (Set up for Metal kit)
    646366838 - Monkey Maze
    618916953 - Cute Hair
    519998112 - Small Dragons
    489596581 - Gate Mod

    Any other Mods you want to see on here or any removed reply to this thread and we can start a discussion to get this how people want it.

    Settings are the same as the old Valhalla one but I'll elaborate on that in another post once I've checked its all working fine.

    Server will be live again from around 01/06/2016 @ 22:00

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