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Announcement Server updates

Discussion in 'Annoucements' started by Coldblood, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Coldblood

    Coldblood CS:Source ARK: Survival Evolved Rainbow Six: Siege

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    Hi guys
    Thought I'd let you all in on something I've set up last night and this morning. Every day at 4am GMT the server will restart and check to see if there are any game updates or mod updates and install them and then come back up.

    Last night with a largish mod update it took around 35 minutes to be back online.

    So this should now hopefully mean no more down time for the server. I'm just working on server back ups at the moment to compliment this system so that we should have full cover at all times in future. If worst comes to worst I'll have offsite backups of the server again covering a 5 day period.

    Also whilst I'm writing this, I've seen the new feature listed for cross ark travel on the updates for this month, if this works as I'm hoping it will I'll be putting up different servers for different maps n such so we can all travel between. For this though I'll be standardising mods but settings and maps will differ. That way I can at least keep updates to a minimum by copying files from the most recently updated server.

    As ever any suggestions for the server let me know on the forums or on steam and we'll put it to the vote if no one apposes we'll get it actioned.

    Enjoy guys and hopefully see people around soon.

    Coldblood (Dade)

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